Khalis Fresh Milk- 1Liter


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  • We collect milk from our own dairy farm. We have 300 Australian Cows and milking on modern way.
  • No antibiotics

No! Our milk doesn’t contains on any kind of antibiotics. When a organic dairy cow is unwell and must be treated with antibiotics, the cow’s milk is removed from the milk supply for a regulated period of time (withdrawal period or wait time).

This ensures no antibiotic residues enter the food system.

  • No Chemical Contamination

Organic cows are grazed on pastures that are grown through organic means. Therefore, their milk is not contaminated with harmful chemicals such as the residues of pesticides, fertilizers, and hormones. Furthermore, this nutrient-rich organic milk does not contain traces of antibiotics, GM feed, urea, or fertility hormones, as these are not fed to the cows to increase their milk production. By consuming organic milk, you also ensure that you do not harm the environment. The pesticides used in non-organic farming are wiping out numerous species of beneficial insects, butterflies, and birds.

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